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What's New as of January 10th, 2015

Brand New Series begins! Gothic Reliquaries! Check them out on the Anomalies page!

I've begun to put the new Necromantic Staves up on the Specialties page! More will come!

New Series of Lamps has begun! They are up on the Custom Lamps page!

Over 100 Art Images now available as Archival Prints!


Welcome to The House of Death!

You are entering a website in Love with Death.... Death the Entity, the Angel of Death, this Spirit's many given names and incarnations, always the Great Separator of the soul from the flesh. This site, and all of our works, remain dedicated to the Angel of Death and Necromantic practice. We hope you enjoy what you see and read. The on-line exhibits will be changing periodically so come and walk with us amidst the fields of fertile melancholy. The Westgate is many things. Yes, we are a "shop", however, first and foremost, we are a Temple to the Angel of Death. A virtual space within which to come, wander and find peace in the dark embrace of our Host, Azrael. All that we do here is born out of love for life's consummation, the metamorphosis which awaits us all. The crossing of the threshold. We celebrate the change that all must go through, even the universe itself. We view death, as the crowning glory of a life well lived. Those of you interested in the evolvement of The Westgate, please click on the Legend link.

We encourage you to check out our entire site, as changes will be made to different pages on an irregular basis. Many pages on this site are "graphic intensive", so please give them time to fully load or you may be missing some of our newer additions. There are also many more pages linked off of the main pages, so check them out! We are always looking for input, especially, true first person encounters with Death for publication in 'The Azrael Project Newsletter™ Online Archive'- Encounters With Death page located on our Forum.

In order for this website to continue, we need your support!. Feel free to use our Secure Shopping Cart, where you can purchase items via credit/debit card, check or M.O .You can always telephone us with any questions that you may have about products on our site. For shops and other retailers wishing to order from us, please refer to our Wholesale Discount Schedule, linked directly on our Shopping Cart. Remember every cent of your purchase goes directly back into keeping The Westgate here for you these past 35 years! We also have a convenient 'lay-a-way' plan where you can make small monthly payments with no interest toward the purchase of original paintings, sculpture and lamps. Just ask!

Finally, thank you to all out there for your kind words, assistance and comments on this site since its inception. We'd like to thank all of those out there who have kindly listed, mentioned and referred to us on their sites. It because of all of you, that we exist at all! We would appreciate any link that you can give us and we will gladly reciprocate in kind. We are always looking for good, relevant sites to link! Also, your feedback on this site is encouraged!

So enter and find the peace which in life you find fleeting, the certainty that there is a Soul that cares beyond this flesh. The Reaper is a gentle fury, like the storm, there is always a center which is pure peace, surrounded by a whirlwind that is essential change. Cast aside the shreds of fear which encumber you. And enter into the Westgate with an open heart, and a hand ready for the grasp of that which is eternal. The House of Death welcomes all....We hope you visit often! Until next, may the Angel of Death gently enfold you in the solace of His dark wings.

This site and all of its contents ©1999-2015 by Leilah Wendell and Daniel Kemp/Westgate Co. Ltd.

"Understand a deeper purpose
that flesh will not endure
nor blood bind.
The Original Troth
to which you are pledged
will meet you only
half way."

Envision World Peace